Shea Butter

Pure Unrefined Bulk Shea Butter from Ghana

Global Mamas is pleased to offer Global Mamas Pure Shea at a reasonable cost to you with an assurance of fair wages paid to the shea butter producers in Damongo, Ghana. Global Mamas pure unrefined bulk shea butter is ivory in color with a light nutty scent. Our wholesale shea butter is of the highest quality and perfect for processing into soaps and lotions.

Our 100% natural wholesale shea butter is produced using sustainable and natural methods that have been passed down through generations. We produce smooth wholesale shea butter with minimal grain as a result of thorough and practiced processing. Global Mamas bulk wholesale shea butter is Grade A.


About Global Mamas
Global Mamas promotes the sustainable livelihoods of women in Africa by promoting their traditional skills in the production of fair trade products under the brand name Global Mamas. We help the women find export markets for wholesale shea butter and empower them through various training to help them achieve their individual potentials.
Global Mamas Shea Butter Producers

Global Mamas is already recognized as a fair trade manufacturer and distributor through the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) and is also a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). We promote equitable and fair partnerships between producers in Africa and marketers in North America, Europe and Australia. Our partnership to supply pure unrefined bulk shea butter made in a fair manner works to provide low-income individuals working in the shea butter industry in the Northern Region of Ghana with a reliable �living wage� for their work. A living wage is set based on family size and cost of life within a given area, and exceeds the minimum wage set for the given country. We embrace the fair trade principles in the production of Global Mamas wholesale shea butter.

Buying Global Mamas Pure Shea supports Global Mamas in our mission to provide members of our community with opportunities to enrich their lives and achieve prosperity [financial security, happiness & health] for themselves and their families.



Global Mamas is a member of the Global Shea Alliance

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